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Welcome to Chillikart - India's favorite shopping destination for fake goods - products that don't exist, meant for entertainment purpose only. No order will be fulfilled.

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These Hurex Certified Halal Green Condoms keep Satan's away from you. This is Sharia approved and tested by a team of Fuqhaa. Each lubricated condom is blessed with sacred verses and Masnoon prayers to keep satan away while having intercourse. It lasts 72 intercourses, so it's ideal to keep with you while blowing yourselves up, because you'll need this with 72 Virgins you're sure to get in Jannat.
Patanjali Langot
These specially designed Langots will keep your manhood in check, enabling you to practice Brahmacharya like a candy. These days men are already finding it difficult to stop themselves from committing sex-related crimes, thanks to jeans, chowmein, mobile phones, mannequins, leggings etc. Now these Langots will instill Sanskaars in Indian psyche, and stop men's minds from being contaminated.
Patanjali Kamasutra DVD
Baba Ramdev thinks that current generation is getting spoil due to inadequate knowledge of sex. That's why he wants to spread our Indian indigenous knowledge of sex in every home throughout the country. Baba has trained hard for this endeavor, and now he brings to you authentic Kamasutra Sex DVD.
Nationalist Cycle
These RSS built cycles give you true feeling of nationalism and patritism when you put your ass on its seat and ride it.